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Project Activities

Project Activities
A1: Research groups on ecological problems in their countries will be formed in all partners during the same period.
A2: A survey will be conducted on "How different is the daily, economic and cultural life supported by natural life?"
A3: A story/painting competition will be held with the theme "He who protects nature protects life". A short film work will be prepared.
A4: Technological/artistic studies will be organized for the students of each school/institution.
A5: A project corner and photo gallery will be created with pictures on the theme "Smart youth-green action" to create the project atmosphere in schools.
A6: The Youtube Video Channel of the project will be opened
A7: 25 people in the project countries will be asked 10 questions about the "green movement in the country" and photographs of the people will be taken.
A8: Web designs/3D Animations will be created for green industry applications.
A9: "Reduce the Ecological Footprint" study will be implemented.
A10: Compost box, vertical vegetable garden, "Aromatic Seed Buckets" of an original plant will be prepared.
A11: "Sustainable Life and Discovery Club" will be established and recycling work will be carried out from waste.
A12: Orienteering activity will be held
A13:Film Festival will be held.
A14: Food Chain, Environmentally Friendly Sprayer Experiment will be conducted.
A15:Earth Hour event will be held.

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